Who all can get easily affected by Coronavirus? How can they prevent it?

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The deadly coronavirus which has killed more than 3500 people around the world has infected a total of 1,00,000 people already. 

People with an existing health condition are prone to be at greater risk of developing the infection. Most of the deaths so far in China have involved elderly patients who had severe health conditions. It is also proven that most of them were heart patients. 

But with proper precautions, we can control the infection for anyone.

People who are at risk: 

People with health conditions are not gonna be the only people who will be affected by corona but it is very important to take precautions since the symptoms may get severe.

1) Elderly people

2) People who have chronic conditions including asthma, diabetes or heart disease are more at risk of severe effects.

What can people with asthma do?

1) Taking the preventer inhaler daily as prescribed is compulsory. 

2) It will prevent an asthma attack, but if asthma gets worse then visiting the doctor is mandatory. 

What can people with diabetes do?

1) People with type 1 or type 2 diabetes could be at a greater risk of more severe symptoms.

2) If people with diabetes have symptoms like cough, high temperature and short of breath then they need to monitor their sugar levels and get tested with doctors. 

People with blood pressure, lung problems may develop a serious illness if they get affected by the virus. There are no specific precautions for pregnant women but they should follow the same precautions as other people. 

Smokers, what can you do? 

Doctors have advised smokers to reduce the habit or quit the habit entirely to lower their risk of catching the virus. 

It is said that most people with coronavirus recover quickly if they take a sufficient amount of rest. Only in some cases, it becomes very severe and shows aggressive symptoms. 

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