"I am proud to call Modi my friend, He works tirelessly for India," What more did Trump say at the Motera Stadium?

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Speaking at the Motera Stadium Trump said, The US and India are working closely in space exploration. Chandrayaan II is a great program. The US is looking forward to cooperating with you. US and India will be partners in our journey to the stars. What India has done under PM Modi is tremendous and I congratulate PM Modi for this. India has been a wellspring of great wisdom. True strength is not in its books and nature, but the hearts of the millions of people of this nation."

US President Trump said that India has become a leading country in the economic power on the world stage under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi.

US President Trump, who arrived in India on a two-day visit, began his speech in Hindi at the Namaste Trump event at the Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Cricket Ground, built in the city of Ahmedabad.

He then praised India and Prime Minister Modi and assured that the US will always be India's trusted ally. Trump praised India, a country where people of many religions live together, and praised India's growth as an example for other countries.

Trump has announced that US 3 billion dollar military contracts will be signed tomorrow, and the US will sell special helicopters to the Indian Army. He said that he wants India to be the important military ally with the US, and that trade between India and the US will increase by 40 per cent.

Trump repeatedly praised Prime Minister Modi in his speech. Trump noted that Modi is not easily predictable and he is a tough person. He said that from tea shop to becoming the head of the country is a big deal. He praised Modi for working night and day for the Indian people.

Trump said the two countries will work together to eradicate terrorism. He said that ISIS terrorist domination has come to an end and promised to take action against terrorist camps along the Pakistan border.

In his speech, the US president touched on aspects including Mahatma Gandhi, Swami Vivekananda, Chandrayaan project, Bollywood cinema and Indian cricketers.

He thanked the Indian people for their support in the development of the United States and concluded the speech by saying, "God bless India." Nearly one million people attended the event and cheered Trump's speech.

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