Madhya Pradesh CM Kamal Nath has resigned from his post. What is the strength of BJP now?

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Chief Minister Kamal Nath has resigned today as the Supreme Court has ordered a vote of confidence in the State Assembly. 

After 22 Congress MLAs resigned their post, it is said that Kamal Nath was asked to resign the post before the vote of confidence in the Assembly. 

In Madhya Pradesh, the Congress rule is under the leadership of Kamal Nath. 22 MLA's under Jyotiraditya Scindia gave their letter of resignation to the speaker of the house after which Scindia joined the BJP party. 

The resignation of only six ministers was accepted by the speaker. Cynthia's supporters are staying at a Bangalore Inn. The governor and the Speaker are holding talks with other MLA's to confirm whether they are okay with their resignation. 

A petition was filed in the Supreme Court on behalf of the BJP demanding the leader of the council to hold a confidence vote.  The number of members present in the Madhya Pradesh Assembly is 222.

To win the confidence vote, Congress needs the support of 112 members. The strength of the Congress has dropped to 92 as 22 of the 114 members of Congress have already submitted their resignations. 

After adding a total of 7 supporters of the Congress, including two Bahujan Samaj members, one Samajwadi Party member and 4 independents, the strength becomes 99. At the same time, the BJP's strength is 107.


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