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Food Restaurant Subway Against Their Own Franchise

Published : Jun 30, 2019 1:56 PM

Food Restaurant Subway Against Their Own Franchise

Jun 30, 2019 1:56 PM

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Food Restaurant Subway Against Their Own Franchise 

America's famous fast food restaurant “Subway” goes against their own contractors in the name of inspection, contractors are in a threat.

The headquarters of Subway which is present in Milford, Connecticut America has approximately 42,000 branches in 112 countries.

Currently there are 24,000 branches in America. All these branches are not directly run by the Subway Restaurants. They are taken over by contractors. These restaurants are not targeted by competitors but the Subway Corporation itself. They are targeting and taking over the branches from the contactors.

The branches which makes enough sale has also been taken under the corporation by the Subway Inspection team. The restaurants are taken over directly by the Subway Corporation cancelling their contract for reasons like “fingerprints are imprinted in the mirrors”, “The companies mentioned soap is not available” and “The lights are not properly set and brightened”.

The contractors have deposited over 10 lakh rupees for their branch. Subway corporations are continuing their inspections and cancelling contracts. The contractors are in frustration and have no idea about their future, says the source.

One of the Subway contractors says, “We worked so hard; we gave up our own careers, we have been through so much, but it is not worth it”. She also says that they are tired of this Subway System.