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6 Men Charged Under Iridium Scam

Published : Jun 27, 2019 5:51 PM

6 Men Charged Under Iridium Scam

Jun 27, 2019 5:51 PM

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6 Men Charged Under Iridium Scam !

Salem policemen have booked 6 men for cheating a Silver Jewellery businessman of 55 lakhs rupees by portraying themselves as Iridium sellers out of which 4 has been arrested.

Iridium is considered to be one of the rarest precious element on earth, which could possibly melt at 4471 degree Fahrenheit heat. The metal could be used in making complicated higher-end industrial applications and has been misused in Tamil Nadu for many years.

A gang of 6 member arouse the desire of the victim Pravin, a resident of Salem to purchase iridium as it is one of the precious metal and promised him that they will help him in selling it to the third party at higher amount by handing over a Black suitcase and insisted him to not open it without wearing a proper safety jacket as iridium posses chemical compounds in it.

On the other hand, the victim refused to pay the money and asked them to purchase the safety jacket first through which he would be able to see the element before purchasing it.

As the victim was not in favour of the cheating gang’s play, they have asked to pay the amount for the safety suit, which is available only in Mumbai.

Pravin got convinced with their request and paid a sum of 55 lakh rupees for the suit and held back the black suitcase along with him.

As time went by the victim came back to the consciousness of being cheated and ran all the way towards the Salem Municipal Police Commissioner Shankar for help.

Based on the complaint loged by Pravin , a separate special squad was formed for investigation under the supervision of sathiskumar and  kumar, Police Inspector, Annadanapatti. As the result, the police arrested 4 members from the gang named Dinesh Kumar, Sivakumar from Chennai, Saravanan from Salem and Ankam Batra from Andhra Pradesh and is in search of the remaining 2 members from the gang.

The left black suitcase was opened by the bomb experts of Salem in which the suitcase was dumped with cotton mixed along with chemicals.


Every year only 3 tons of iridium has been extracted internationally and has been used in making aircraft part and other industrial applications

The metal doesn’t possess any magic or any special characteristics in it and is used only by the government officials. So it could never reach the hands of the public legally.