The Maha duo BJP Shiv sena continues to rule Maharashtra

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The Maharashtra assembly election that constitutes 288 seats was held on 21st Oct. with the BJP & Shivsena duo and Congress & NCP duo fought the battle. Where, the former duo continues to retain the crown.

Totally 3237 candidates participated in this election out of which chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, Shivsena’s youth wing leader Aaditya Thackeray, state presidents of BJP & congress Chandrakant Patil and Balasaheb Thorat respectively; the former CMs Prithviraj Chauhan, Ashok Chauhan and congress leader Ajit Pawar are some of the star candidates to be noted. As per the counting that started earlier this morning, 61.13% of vote was recorded.  

The magic number to capture the throne is 145, where the BJP Shivsena duo leads in over 160 seats and the congress duo leads in 90, with congress in 44 and NCP in 51 were leading. The BJP Shivsena duo is expected to win around 170 seats and continue its rule in Maharashtra.

The new reign in Maharashtra will begin with a 50 – 50 formula of the duo as per the plan of Shivsena, since BJP’s majority is not sure. In a press meet, Shivsena’s senior leader Sanjay Raut shared that once all the results are announced the party will meet with CM Devendra Fadnavis on formation of the new ministry with 50% for Sena as expressed earlier.

Also, the tenure of 5 years may be split with two and a half years for each party to rule as chief minister for Maharashtra is heard from the Shivsena’s side of sources.

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