It’s World First Aid Day: Let’s be aware of how to help the needy

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Today is World First Aid Day! Let’s be aware of what an important role it plays in saving one’s lives.

Incase of sudden accident or emergency, times flies like anything before we could help the injured one and save one’s lives. This is where we need to understand the importance of first aid which could save lives in seconds. We, as the general public, tend to skip helping those who stuck in accident fearing the consequences for helping them. However, unknowingly, we also become responsibility for someone’s loss of lives or disability. But, Priyanka, the first aid trainer in a private hospital, says firmly, that police and law always support for those who help in needy times.

Priyanka also gives important tips to those who want to help the injured ones.  “Incase if somebody suffers from bone fracture, as a first aid, you can take one small stick and tie that to fractured part. If you can’t find any sticks, you can also use the hard cover of the book to tie with it.”


Vinoth, another first aid trainer, says, “Incase if you come across any accident and anyone who seem to be unconscious, the very first thing you need to do is just pat in their shoulders and see if you could wake them up. Or else, you can simply pinch them.

If this doesn’t work, try to press in-between chest and stomach for 30 times per minute or put a piece of cloth into the injured ones’ mouth and give air to breath. These steps will certainly save one’s lives”.

Prabhudas, CEO of a private hospital, tells some tips that could help people during natural disasters. “Even an ordinary foil paper can carry a person who weighs about 80kg.  Those who stuck in extreme cold can be wrapped in foil paper as first aid and can be saved”.

Above all, everyone should realize and believe strongly that even a small act of first aid can save many lives!

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