Beware tourists! It’s not what you see in online booking!

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Munnar is the place where any tourists would love to go once in their lifetime. However, the new scenario in online booking gives tourists more trouble.  Imagine this! When you reach your favourite destination, you only find its name board and not the real place. This is what recent visitors to Munnar experienced through online booking.  They happen to stay in the place which is nearly 50 kilometres away from Munnar.

Munnar, famously known as south India’s Kashmir, owns beautiful green mountains and tea estates with glittering waterfalls. Not just Indian tourists, but also international tourists love to visit the place for its flourishing forests that possess wild animals like deers, tahrs, wild ox and wild elephants.

These days, people don’t opt to reach their favourite spot and look for the place to stay. Instead, many prefer to book hotels through online.  This is where the real problem starts. By luring the tourists with low cost and luxurious look, hoteliers easily attract the tourists. On the other hand, without knowing the real state of the place and hotels, tourists fall prey to this business.

However, only after reaching their spot, most of the tourists realize that they are in the place which is nearly 50 to 60 kilometers away from Munnar. Those who come to see the scenic place feel so disappointed and many couldn’t even afford to see the real Munnar.

The case goes even worst as many tourists think that the place where they stay is Munnar and goes back to their place even without witnessing the real ones.

Due to these kind of online frauds become usual business for private hoteliers, micro and small scale industries, call taxi drivers  hit new low in their business as tourists doesn’t want to trust the locals once again.

Meanwhile, natives of Munnar, with huge concern, say that the tourists need to do necessary background check before doing online booking. If they fail, they need to face consequences along with loss of money.

Many hoteliers follow this trick: They put the name of the locality which don’t come under Munnar in small letters (Almost invisible!) and put the name ‘Munnar’ in big letters to attract the tourists. The common public urge that the concerned authorities should take necessary action against these fraudsters.

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