No New domestic Coronavirus cases reported in China yesterday. How did the country manage to control the outbreak?

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On Thursday, China has reported no new domestic cases of Coronavirus for the first time since the outbreak happened. The virus which started to spread from a market in the Hubei province of China has affected more than 2 lakh people and killed more than 8,700 worldwide.

After the massive outbreak of the virus, various countries have taken efforts to contain the spread of the virus. Reports say that there have been more deaths in the rest of the countries than in China.

The National Health Commission said that there were no new cases of coronavirus in China but 8 people have died in Hubei province alone due to the virus.
Chinese government followed some severe laws and quarantined 11 million people in Wuhan where the outbreak happened. The whole of Hubei province was under lockdown and the government took measures to control the public gatherings.

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Normalcy has slowly started to return to the country where people have started going back to work, schools, and colleges. The government now allows people to travel between the states but Wuhan is still under lockdown. The officials have said that they have allowed healthy people to travel within the Hubei province.
But with an average of 20,000 people flying into China every day from other foreign countries, there is a risk of a second wave of infection in the country.

Wuhan saw its first case on December 1 and it is said that the police tried to silence the doctors on the outbreak. It was only on January 9th China informed about the virus and how badly it has affected the Hubei province.


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