What can you do if your family member tests positive for Coronavirus?

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The first thing a person can do if their family person test positive for Corona is to stay calm and not panic. Being supportive of the affected person is very important since they might be going through a lot of stress both mentally and physically. As of March 17, the total number of deaths due to corona in India has increased to 3. The total number of people affected has become 126.

If one of your family members has a travel history to one of the affected countries and if he tests positive then the possibility of you and your other family members getting infected by the virus is more. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated points to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to people around the infected person.


1) Don't go out, stay at home. This will protect others from catching the virus.
2) Do not go to the office, malls, schools, colleges, temples or anywhere. Staying away from social actions will prevent the spread.
3) Using separate rooms and bathrooms staying away from pets can help.
4) If you notice symptoms do call the doctor before a visit since the doctors can take necessary protective steps in the hospital before you arrive.
5) If you are assisting an infected person, wear a mask that fully covers your nose and mouth.
6) Washing hands will help you prevent the spread of the virus. Using an alcohol-based sanitizer and avoid touching the face with unwashed hands will help you fight the virus.
7) Always use a tissue to cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze or cough. Disposing of the tissue in a trash can is also important.
8) It is important to sanitize all the surfaces at home. It is advised not to use the utensils, towels and other personal items used by the infected person.
9) It is very important to note down symptoms if you have any. Being in touch with a medical person letting them know about the symptoms is necessary.

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