A company is paying 3 lakhs to people to get infected with Coronavirus

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A company in London is paying Rs. 3,40,083 for volunteers to be infected with the coronavirus. This step is done by scientists to discover a vaccine. 

For this, the company is appointing 24 people who are self volunteering to help the world fight the deadly virus.

The firm is identified as "The Queen Mary BioEnterprises Innovation Centre" in London. It is said that the volunteers will be injected with weaker strains of the virus. This may cause very mild respiratory problems for them.

It is also said that even if they volunteer they should undergo several tests to get confirmed with the job. The company Hvivo has developed some drug which will be tested on these people. The patients will be kept under supervision for 2 weeks to see if the medicine works.

It is also said that the patients should follow a specific diet, not to do any exercise and avoid human connection. Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency will have to agree to the study before it takes place.

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