Top 5 points made by Superstar Rajinikanth today, Will he ever start a party?

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Superstar Rajinikanth who held a press conference today at Chennai was expected to announce his political entry and the start of his party. But on the contrary, he said few statements which came ahead of the Tamilnadu assembly election next year.

1) "I never aspired to become the Chief Minister"

Rajinikanth in his statement said that he has never aspired to become the Chief Minister. He said he only wanted a change in the country. He said he had never dreamt of becoming the chief minister and never wanted to contest for the election as a Chief Minister candidate.

2) "Appointing an educated and compassionate youngster as Chief Minister"

The Superstar said that his aim was to appoint a self-confident youth who has got the integrity and ability to work for the people as the chief minister candidate. He said that one of his plans was to bring the youth to the positions of MP and MLA.

3) "There is a vacuum in Tamilnadu Politics"

Rajinikanth stated that there were two stalwarts in our politics, one was Jayalalithaa and the other one was M Karunanithi. He said that people voted for them but now, there is a vacuum.

4) "I will come to politics only after a burst of people's revolution"

Rajinikanth said that he would come to politics only after a revolution happens and appealed to the people to take up the rebellion. He said, "Tamilnadu is the only state that was ruled by a state party when Congress ruled all over India. A revolution like that should come back. ”

5) "I did not say that I will be coming to politics for the last 25 years"

Rajinikanth said, "Explaining my position on politics, it would be clear to people and fans, Everyone writes that I have been saying that I will come to politics for the last 25 years. The first time I said that I will be entering politics was December 31, 2017."

Rajini was expected to announce the start of his political party, but he did not make such a statement. After speaking to reporters, Rajini departed without facing their questions.

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