Stop believing these rumors on coronavirus ...

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The deadly coronavirus which has infected more than 1 lakh people has killed about 4000. The outbreak which started in India last week has spread to 9 states infecting 54 people. There are a lot of rumors and fake messages spreading on corona in social media especially on Whatsapp.

Hold your breath for 10 seconds:

There is a common message spreading across the social media claiming that if you can hold the breath for 10 seconds then the person is safe from the corona is absolutely a false message.

Drinking water every 15 minutes can save you from Corona:

A WhatsApp message claiming that if a person drinks water for every 15 minutes will keep corona away. It also says that corona breeds on dry lips. This message is also false because there has been no cure found yet for the deadly infection. However, drinking water will help a person maintain his body temperature but there has been no proof that drinking more water will cure the coronavirus. The doctors say that if water can cure any disease then the world would have got the cure for other deadly diseases like Hepatitis infection as well.

Don't drink cold beverages:

Another post that has been going around social media is to avoid cold beverages and ice creams. But this also has no proof because coronavirus which seems to behave like cold and common flu but is more aggressive than them.

Can Masks provide complete protection?

Surgical masks in India are going out of stock. The myth that masks will provide complete protection is false. A person will need a mask only if he/she is in close contact with the infected person. Tamilnadu health minister, Vijayabhaskar said that only hospital staff and airport officials are asked to wear masks.

Garlic water can cure Corona:

Of course, garlic has many antimicrobial properties, it can kill some bacteria and viruses but it has not been proved that it can kill the deadly COVID-19. The message says that an old Chinese doctor recommends drinking garlic boiled in hot water can cure corona. According to the World Health Organization, there is no specific recommendation of any medicine to prevent or treat coronavirus.

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