What is happening at Taj Mahal ahead of Trump's Visit?

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US President Donald Trump and the first lady Melania Trump is visiting India next week for 2 days. For their few hours of visits to Agra, the city is undergoing a major makeover. Water is being released to the Yamuna river and the walls across the streets are getting a fresh coat of paint. 

US President and his wife will start their visit on Monday in Ahmedabad. They will attend a mega event called the "Namaste Trump" at the newly built Cricket stadium. This stadium is said to be the largest cricket stadium in the world. 

They are expected to visit Agra to see the world wonder Tajmahal after the Ahemdabad visit. After that, they are reaching Delhi to talk about the operative part of the visit. A team from the US has visited the Taj Mahal on Monday and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adithyananth has also visited Agra to review the arrangements. 

Today the fountains in Tajmahal were cleaned. Workers were seen scrubbing the floor on fountains and pathways. The Archaeological Survey of India has given strict guidelines for repair and restoration. All the shops and houses in and around Tajmahal are investigated and identified. All of them are asked to use uniform signboards. 

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Police Officer Botre Rohan Pramod said, "All this has been done so that there is no security lapse." More than 500 cubic feet of water have been released into the Yamuna which is one of the largest rivers of the country. Yamuna river has been heavily contaminated by sewage and industrial wastes for the past few decades. 

Arvind Kumar, assistant engineer of the Uttar Pradesh Pollution Control Board has said that this action may reduce the foul smell from the river.

He said, "If 500 cusecs of water have been released into the Yamuna to control pollution, it will improve the oxygen level in the river in Mathura and Agra. It may not make the river water fit for drinking, but could reduce the foul smell."

Anil Kumar, District Commissioner, Agra Division said, "We are widening the road between Air-force station and Taj Mahal, beautification work is also being done. Illegal hoardings are being removed." It is expected that the Trumps will see 3000 artists from Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan to present cultural events along the 12 km route. 


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