Corona Virus: COVID-19 may not pass to child during pregnancy

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A study by the Lancet journal says that coronavirus may not pass to the child during prenancy. It also said that it may not even cause severe health issues to the newborn.

This observation was done from several pregnant ladies who were affected by Coronavirus. There were 9 pregnant women who were affected by Corona and all their babies were born alive. The corona virus infection in pregnant ladies is similar to that of non-pregnant adults, the study said.

The team still warned that the findings are based only on limited number of cases which happened over a short period.

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The effects of mothers who got affected during their first and second trimester and their outcomes are not known yet. Even the effects on their child is also not clear.

This new study comes after the news of a child born to a mother with corona testing positive. This provoked questions like whether the virus could be transmitted in the wound.

Wuhan University, China said, "It is important to note that many important clinical details of this case are missing, and for this reason, we cannot conclude from this one case whether intrauterine infection is possible."

They also said, "Although in our study no patients developed severe pneumonia or died of their infection, we need to continue to study the virus to understand the effects in a larger group of pregnant women."

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